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Avoid regulatory pressure from the FCA. Learn how to better identify and respond to vulnerable customers in contact centres. 


  • Learn various types of customer vulnerabilities that can be spotted in contact centres calls

  • Maximise your ability to treat vulnerable customers fairly

  • Avoid customer dissatisfaction and the expense of repeated callbacks

  • Reduce stress in agents

  • Learn how a speech analytics AI solution can support your managers and QA team in identifying calls where a customer needs additional attention due to a vulnerability, and ensure you remain compliant


"Before Voyc, if I wanted to do an investigation into the call center I would need to brief the quality team, and then give them over a week to listen to the calls. They would then submit a report on their findings, which would only be covering a handful of selected calls. With Voyc, I can get the answers in minutes."
 - Anrieth Symon, Head of Travel at Bryte


"Managing risk and being able to offer
exceptional customer service is critical to
any insurance business. The support of Voyc
is a competitive advantage for the healthy
growth of any company."

 - Anton Keet, Head of Risk Services at 1Life




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